Interviews with Inspiration by James Willstrop

“James Willstrop talks with some of the sporting & cultural figures who inspired him & reflects on what they do & what drives them to be the very best in their chosen sport & profession”


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Interviews with Inspiration by James Willstrop


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      Throughout his squash career James Willstrop has continuously 'done what it took', both physically and mentally, to reach the highest levels – often to unnecessary and damaging lengths. Written by the former World No.1 and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Interviews with Inspiration is a forensic study of what it means and what it takes to be outstanding in the world of sport.

      James talks to many of the sporting and cultural figures who have inspired him and reflects on what they do and what drives them to do it. As well as profiling some great athletes of our time, he also delves into the worlds of writing, theatre and even eye surgery, exploring parallels and differences that exist when people achieve success or brilliance in their chosen fields.

      Interviews with Inspiration provides a fascinating insight into a cross-section of icons and achievers, from the viewpoint of one of the most successful English squash players of his generation.

      Alongside Jonah Barrington, Malcolm Willstrop, Vanessa Atkinson and David Campion, interviewees include Jessica Ennis-Hill, Chris Hoy, Steve Redgrave, Katherine Grainger, Alistair Brownlee, Stefan Edberg, Stuart Pearce, Julian Barnes, Denise Gough, Alison Rose and Simon Stephens.

      A motivating and absorbing read drawn from accounts and anecdotes from the people themselves rather than from academic research, facts and figures, Interview with Inspiration is made up of dialogues between James and his interviewees, accompanied by interjections and comparisons from James’s own journey in his sport.

      Ostensibly about finding success, the book delves much deeper by asking what success is and means, and looks at the long-term effects of such extremely driven lifestyles.

      James Willstrop is the most capped England senior player but also acts, sings and writes. He has just completed a master's degree in creative writing at Leeds University and his previous book Shot and a Ghost was shortlisted for the William Hill Award in 2012.


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